Wedding, Ceremonies, Corporate Events, Corporate gifts, etc ...

We are with you !

1. Tasting bottle

You do not know our champagnes? How not to go wrong? It's simple !
Choose among our cuvées, the champagne (s) you are interested in.
(Condition: maximum order of 3 bottles, and never ordered)
Order, and taste it quietly with family, friends or colleagues.
Then, contact us, and we will refund 20 euros on your order.
(Order of at least 54 bottles).

2. Classic or Pro Custom Labels

We also have the ability to make custom labels (models here)
And even better, we can make rolls of professional labels for your order and future ...

3. Unique gift box

If you wish to offer bottles, maybe you need a gift wrapping.
Here is an example

We are with you, at your service ! Do not hesitate to contact us !