We regularly participate in competitions to showcase our Champagnes to the public.

This represents a major effort for our small brand.

We have obtained medals :

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Champagne Réserve : 3***

Champagne Grande Réserve, Millésime 2010, 2**

Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Millésime 2011, sélection *

Vinalies Nationales

Champagne Grande Réserve, Millésime 2004, prix d'excellence

Champagne Réserve, 2015, Grand prix d'excellence

Champagne Rosé, 2017, Grand prix d'excellence

Champagne Tradition, 2017, Prix d'excellence

Vinalies Internationales de Paris, 2015

Champagne Grande Réserve, Millésime 2010, médaille d'argent

Concours International de Lyon, 2015

Champagne Grande Réserve, Millésime 2011, médaille d'or

Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Millésime 2011, médaille d'or

Concours International de Lyon, 2017

Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Millésime 2012, médaille d'or

Champagne Rosé, médaille d'or

Champagne Grande Réserve, Millésime 2012, médaille d'argent

High-end dressing for all our range of Champagne, with the paper " Frozen "

Councils for tastings

To sublimate our champagnes...

You received your order.
Especially do not open one of your bottles immedialty after the delivery, even if they are cold.
The champagne has to stay at least one week before being savoured.

How to wait before drinking ?
In dish(flat) in 10 in 13°C, without draft.
No the light, no sun lights ! very important.

The champagne must be freshly drunk: 7°C - 9 °C.

The ideal is the flute of champagne which it is necessary to hold by the foot. In this way,
The champagne will remain very cold, and your hand will not warm the glass.

Is it necessary to let age the champagne?
Do not wait for years before drinking your bottles. Contrary to certain wines,
the champagne will not win in quality to be longer waited. It is ready-to-drink !

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